Simplifying Recruitment


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RaaS Recruiting Model:
In our innovative managed services model, you outsource your needs to us and we take care of finding you the right candidates. In this model, we become an extension of your Human Resources team for all your recruting needs for a small subscription. For all our subscribers, we post, advertise, facilitate interviews and fill up the openings during the course of the year, irrespective of the rising market rates. We also provide a 6 month guarantee and in the event of the position getting reposted within 6 months, we will refill it at no cost to you.
All our finalized candidates are presented with background check and personality test reports free of cost, hence enabling you to make the right hiring decisions.
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Cost-Effective Recruitment:

Working with CSL is a cost-effective solution for hiring full-time staff, especially since employers may not realize the many hidden challenges of direct recruiting. In fact, a recent study revealed that it can take up to 15 weeks to fill an open position. Our innovative Off-site day recruitment process can reduce your hiring timeline to half that time, helping you save both money and countless hours of lost productivity. How?

We do the recruiting, evaluating and interview scheduling for you, presenting only professionals with skills well-matched to your unique hiring requirements and workplace environment.

You conduct all interviews back to back in a conference facility hosted by us and based on your top three picks, we do the background checks and personality profiling tests, allowing you to quickly decide whom you would like to hire.