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    Analytics Solutions
    We offer IBM Analytics solutions. Our array of Analytics range from Predictive, Planning, Social Media and other Cognitive Analytical solutions.
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    Business Consulting Services
    Our business consulting service offers cost effective delivery of systems and processes in an efficient timeline.
  1. IBM Analytics & SaaS Offerings
    As an IBM partner, we resell IBM Analytics software and licenses for IBM's Analytical suite of products offering Predictive Modeling, Planning Analytics, Social media Analytics, and Cognitive Analytics. For the same license cost we include our first call customized support. Contact Us now for a Free actionplan of how you could decrease your 'Total Cost Of Ownership' using our cloud offerings.
  2. Complete Implementation - no guesses...
    As an IBM partner for analytics solutions, we offer domain specific, industry standard, optimized process blueprints for small to large organizations and government entities. Leveraging our 18 year projects experience, we have built templates, and workflows to help improve Operational Efficiency. Call us today to get a customized Analytics road map specific to your organization and your investments already made.
  3. Our Customers
    Our growing client base includes companies from varied domains who strongly support diversity. Some of them are: Panasonic, AvanGrid (includes UI, SCG, CNG &, BGC), PSEG, & Victorinox Swiss Army, etc. As a State certified minority company, we promote diversity and currently work with state agencies as well.
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