What is dashDB and why should you be interested in it?

IBM dashDB is a fully managed cloud data warehousing service

dashDB puts business intelligence and analytics at your fingertips, and allows you to break free from the bonds of infrastructure when your business demands it, so you can start delivering smarter answers and building better solutions.
​dashDB helps extend your existing data warehouse appliance into the cloud, or build entirely new, self-service data warehousing infrastructure. It is powered by high performance in-memory and in-database technology that delivers answers as fast as you can think.
dashDB provides the simplicity of an appliance with the elasticity and agility of the cloud for any size organization, with a highly secure infrastructure. dashDB scales to new heights of performance with a massively parallel processing (MPP) network cluster architecture on IBM’s cloud.
Simple data warehousing for every use case
Easily ingest data from a myriad of sources — both structured and unstructured. It’s easy to get your data into the cloud. dashDB can handle Cloudant-based JSON data stores, data on PureData for Analytics appliances, DB2, Excel and Oracle SQL data and many other types of data stores. Write and execute your own analytic queries, or leverage other analytic and BI capabilities that are available either on premises or in the cloud, such as Watson Analytics, Cognos or other BI tools.
This new approach to information management changes everything—a cloud data warehouse that moves as fast as your business!
It’s simple to get up and running with dashDB in minutes with rapid cloud provisioning, and start moving over your data from any source, on premise or in the cloud.
Keep the hassle of infrastructure out of your way and start building. Whether it’s enabling new analytics, answering questions faster, or being able to capitalize on a short-term opportunity ahead of the competition, you can easily build the capabilities that deliver more intelligent answers. And with dashDB MPP, you can increase storage and performance as needed simply by adding new server instances to your network cluster.
The power to unlock your data is at your fingertips with dashDB. Embedded Netezza analytics, R predictive modeling and a vast ecosystem of partner BI and ETL tools free you to analyze your data to get more precise insights than your competition.
Data Security? Done.
From design to deployment, dashDB provides thorough security coverage of your data. dashDB includes multiple layers of security including automatic encryption for data at rest and in transit, database activity monitoring via IBM InfoSphere Guardium, advanced database access control, and deployment hardening. Security starts with good design and development best practices. dashDB is developed using practices such as risk assessment, threat modeling, and static and dynamic code analysis using IBM AppScan.
Answers when you need them, without the wait.
dashDB: better, faster results from your data, with cloud agility, massive scale out and a quicker time to value. Try for free today!